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RAAIE Customer Reviews

Based on 224 reviews
Yellow Moonbeam Retinal Elixir

This stuff is magic. Onto my second bottle. Have really noticed a change to my skin. Use in the pm and then slather a lovely rich night cream over the top. Gives a gorgeous glow. This brand is amazing x

This Stuff is Magic

I got a sample of your SPF via Steph at The Green Room in Hastings and I could not believe how amazing it made my skin look (coupled with Steph’s amazing facial). I brought a bottle immediately from Steph and do not regret it one bit. My makeup stays on all day, my skin looks glowy and healthy and in the weekends I don’t even use makeup because the spf has the most magical ability to even out skin tone without actually adding an ick colour that gets all over your clothes - I can’t work out what’s going on - but I LOVE IT and will tell everyone and anyone. Thank you, that’s 10 stars from me!

My skin feels so much softer and the colour is less blotchy.

AM/ PM Set
Probably the best customer service I’ve come across!

I haven't yet been able to use these beautiful products as I’m currently using up what I do know so far is that the customer customer service is really outsanding. So helpful. And the product packaging is so beautiful that I will be leaving these out on display which in turn will mean I will actually use them. A friend of mine has been using them and her skin is looking incredible which is why I am now trying them out for myself. Thanks Raaie team! Can’t wait to see my skin looking the best it possibly can xx

On my third bottle

Obsessed with this cream. My skin is the best it's ever been! Its got rid of my redness and bumpinness. I've now got my sister and my Mum using it too.

Great product hard to bet

This is my five bottle and I keep repurchasing because it just works. I usually move away from products and try other ones but this one is just beautiful my skin looks and feels great.

Easy to apply... Beautiful product and will not use anything else now

Love the morning AM keeps my skin plump and the PM serum is what keeps my fine lines at bay

So easy to use!

Very happy I decided to try this - it’s easy to apply and unlike other tinted sunscreens I’ve used it seems to instantly adapt to my skin tone. Thanks for a great product 😊

AM/ PM Set
Great skincare products!

Appreciate the simplicity of the am/pm set - and found the travel sizes great on short trips away from home!

Love love love

Never thought I would love a SPF product a they are normally so thick and oily and I just dont want it on my face, but this product is a dream It feels silky, smooth, and rubs in beautifully. 10/10

Love the branding name

Smooth, natural effective love it

Beautiful product

I am going makeup free

After developing rosacea post covid and getting itchy red cheeks and acne post 35 this is really helping as are all the Raaie products
People compliment me on my skin now and I wear no makeup the concealers I was covering my skin in lie in my drawers. Thanks to Bindi from BiBa salon for introducing Raaie to me.
I have now gifted it to 4 other women!

RAAIE convert

My skin is absolutely glowing, I’ve had so many compliments - I look forward to my morning and night routines so I can use these beautiful products.


Absolutely love this SPF, glides on so nicely and is a perfect base for my make up.

Sun Milk Drops Tinted SPF50
Jeanie Black-Dunlop
Milky Protection

Absolutely love! I’ve been using it for just over a year and have just purchased my third bottle. I have super sensitive skin and my skin truly loves it, super silky and light feeling while never getting burnt.

Second review

This is my second review because I love this cream SO much. It's absolutely perfect. Loving the refill too as felt like such a shame to throw away such beautiful packaging x

Yellow Moonbeam Retinal Elixir
Clementine Vanderkwast
Simple and chic retinal, with some of the best results I have ever seen.

This product is simple in its method. Use it before bed with a moisturiser afterwards. Space it out at first, but I have been using it nightly. I have noticed no irritation, and I have sensitive skin. I started noticing results with 7 days. My skin is plump, taut, and my wrinkles are less prominent. I have had friends ask if I have had Botox or HiFu. Nope! Just a deceptively simple retinal with results you can see quickly. I haven’t worn foundation or concealer since using the product. It is that good!


I have tried a lot of moisturisers in my time but this is the best yet! Really love how it makes my skin feel. And the packaging is just so beautiful. x


This cream is divine. So luxurious. Feels like whipped cream but just melts into the skin and makes it feel so healthy and hydrated. I’ve been using it every day.

Sun Milk Drops Tinted SPF50
Jessica Smith-Jones
Sun magic

Love the way this product makes my skin look. A very subtle veil. And I don't have to worry about the sun!

Morning Dew Vit C Serum

My skin has never felt softer and better

Cocoon Ceramide Cream
Kerri Hodgetts
Absolutely Love!

I have been using all of the Raaie products since November 2023. I’m 33 years old and have always battled with skin sensitivity & break outs. Since using Raaie my skin has completely changed. I no longer suffer from breakouts and the redness has completely disappeared. My skin feels softer, and a lot firmer. I love how and the sunscreen is light and goes on so well under my makeup. I absolutely love every product.

Sun Milk Drops

Really loving this product. Makes me feel good knowing it is helping my skin.